Lend with care
Lendwithcare-Postcards 2 

The church provides interest free loans to support people and businesses in the developing world.

Below are examples of those who the church is currently providing a loan to:

Joselyn lives in the canton of Ibarra in Ecuador. For the past two years she has been working as a teacher. She teaches young children with early learning techniques working 8 hours daily. The church is supporting her to equip her classroom.

Mthupa is a group located in Dowa in Malawi and it has 5 members. All of them are married. These women engage in fish, snacks, grocery store, maize and tearoom businesses. The proceeds from these businesses are used to provide for the basic needs of their families.

The Golra Shareef Group consists of six members living in a village called Rakh Chonian which is in the district of Kasur in eastern Pakistan, near the border with India. All the group members are male smallholder farmers aged between 20 and 37. In total they have 23 children in their households, 20 of whom are in school. The church is helping them to purchase and install a solar powered well.

Vincent Ngwira, also known as Father Vincent, is a priest based in Kazungula District of Southern Zambia. He knows families whose houses have burnt down, or people have tragically died due to using dangerous sources of light like candles and kerosene lamps. He wants to change this. By helping people in his area, he has been buying and selling solar lights to his congregants without adding any profit.