Our History

The church building, completed 1843Rickmansworth Baptist Church began in 1833 with a group of believers worshipping in a building; the plot of land that the current Boots store is occupying. It was in 1843 that some of these believers acquired the land the church buildings now stand on and they joined the Baptist Alliance in 1844. The details of the first 100 years of the churches history are sketchy as all the records but the centenary review were destroyed by fire.

The church has always had a long history of mission and social engagement within the local area, mostly through the School the church ran. The mission work of the church has stretched around the world.

The leaders of the church inspired by our Lord purchased Gable House in 1938 and the Lord has provided for the church through this building up to the current day. This building and the sanctuary have been refurbished a number of times, in the late 70's and more recently.

The history of the church speaks of God's providence and the faithful service of his people in Rickmansworth for over 170 years. The church has been a source of hope in the town and there is no reason why it shouldn't continue to be so.

For more information there is a book about the church's history written by John Compton, available in the library in the back halls of the church building.